Bike trail3201Yesterday I took the boys to a deer trail (just behind the house on the ridge) that I have been riding my bike on for the last couple of weeks. The loop is pretty hard if I punch it. It takes about two minutes, with the last thirty seconds being a wicked little climb of approx 20% or more. Up until yesterday I was getting pretty beaten up by all the willow branches and such along the edges but after two hours of machete work in the morning that loop is now a schweeet ride. While I was at it I also started to extend the loop by adding some interesting loop variations which helps break up the loop-repetitiveness so that I don't go loopy.

Last night I did the loop 43 times which is a fairly grueling ride since I pretty much always hit my lactic threshold heart rate at the end of each loop. Ouch! During the machete work the boys were up to their usual tricks - pick up rocks, climb on things, throw sticks, find new trails for me etc. After the trail was cut we headed down to the river and threw some rocks then it was back up to the house so we could kick a soccer ball around in the green space. The boys had fun and I have a new trail - nice! This image shows Pico at the start of the loop, she's anxious to rip around it as well.

Here's the boys climbing some rocks on the way to the drop-in point for the bike trail.

On rocks behind the house3205

Keegan walking down to the river.

Keegan walking to river3218

On the way to the river we stopped to watch some Canada Geese.

Keegan and geese3229

Here we are at our favorite rock throwing area.

Boys at rivers edge3236

This is pretty much the biggest rock Evan threw all day, it was a pretty impressive throw.

Evan throwing rock3245

I took this one while we were chatting about how that might just have been the biggest rock ever thrown in the whole world.

Evan at river3234

Here's a shot of the boys climbing up the last pitch of the bike loop, told you it was steep. Then it was back to the house and since we walk past the park there's no way Keegan isn't going to sneak in a slide or 12.

Boys climbing hill3301Keegan sliding3208


Anonymous said...

Great photos Shaun. RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Ruth, it was a good day. And thanks for sending those other photos our way.