Apr 21, 2007

Painting Easter eggs

Keegan painting with tongue3040Doreen is a great master of ceremonies when it comes to all things crafts-related. Secretly, I think she doesn't want to be a Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager, she really wants to be an egg-painter.

As you will see she has lots of egg talent and has a certain flair, most notably in one of the images further down. I'm not sure the boys really understand how lucky they are to be taught by one of the true masters of the art. Fortunately, Doreen doesn't stick her tongue out quite as much when she is painting. ;-)

One thing that isn't mentioned much about painting Easter eggs is what to do with them once you are finished the painting. In this case the ball was in my court, pounding several eggs a day until they were all gone creates havoc, hahaha.

Keegan with double eggs3033

Egg production line3037

Keegan on an egg3031

Evan watching Doreen paint egg3047Egg victory3059