This one goes back to Mar 22, I was wandering around on the ridge with the boys for a couple of hours on a really warm early spring day. Here's an image of us debating which way to go.

Boys on ridge2479

Evan quickly armed himself with several sticks and proceeded to grab the pointman position, then he was off leading the way down a deer trail.

Evan leading the way2501

He didn't pick the easiest routes that's for sure, Keegan was up for the challenge though.

Boys climbing muddy hill2507

At the top of the hill, Keegan let out a spontaneous cheer, hilarious. He was so happy with himself.

Keegan cheering2510Keegan happy with himself2511

Pretty soon, Evan had point again and found some tall grass to move through. Fortunately the grass turned into a bike pathway and the chase was on. Cool image of Evan not touching the ground.

Evan and Keegan walking through grass2513Evan running2512

Ball and setting sun2522We goofed around until the sun was setting and even then the fellas were resistant to going back into the house. Here they are kicking a ball around on the greenspace directly behind the house. Hard to believe this was nearly three weeks ago, the weather was so nice and as I look out the study window right now it is snowing, sigh.