That's right, I haven't given up on the Bodum art thing yet. Well not until I pour a 30 leaf rosetta into that incredibly small glass. ;-)

Pouring two ounces of milk into the Bodum makes pouring three ounces into the demi's quite a bit easier. When I switch to an eight or ten ounce milk pour it can be a disaster simply because I'm ready to start on the latte art a few seconds into the pour, leaving me with ohhhhhh about six ounces of extra milk to go in the big bowls before I can stop the pour - which doesn't make for good latte art. Which is kind of funny but only in a geeky, pour miniature latte art, yeah I know what you're talking about Shaun kind of way. Yeah, I know, only three of you get it...

Starting to get the hang of the leaves.

Bodum art3100

This one has better leaf definition.

Bodum rosetta3095

Multi-leaf rosetta using three ounces of milk (sorry about the poor focus).

Three ounces of milk art3091


Dawn said...

OK Shaun, just who the heck drinks all these works of art...hope you're not subjecting yourself to insane amount of caffine to perfect your obsession!

Shaun Taylor said...

I'll subject just about anyone who is willing. Oh, and I'm caffeinated. ;-)