Apr 10, 2007

Time at the Playzone

What's a Playzone? Well that's where we went on Mar 24, coincidentally the entrance fee was partly sponsored by Doreen's company - Fluor Canada. ;-)

A playzone is a building crammed with all kinds of kiddie distractions for all kiddie-ages and our boys want one in our basement I'm sure. They had a ton of fun, nearly all of it spent in the obstacle course area. I'm sure Evan burned off 2000 calories.


It was a pretty large obstacle course structure and very little slowed them down.

Keegan in tunnel2639

Even Doreen got in the act and crawled all over the place with the boys. Evan worked with a focus I haven't seen before, he hauled these big foam blocks throughout the obstacle course no matter what the effort.

Doreen smiling in tunnel2640Evan holding cube in obstacle2624

Here's some more images of everyone enjoying themselves.

Keegan leaning with Doreen2646

Keegan on blue obstacle

Keegan up close2611

Evan throwing cube2691Family close-up2627

Keegan watching arcade game2708

Doreen Keegan2541