Apr 20, 2007

Weekend guest

An old army pal dropped in and stayed for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. I missed putting the pictures up earlier as I was moving some files around on my external backup device - whoops. Rick and I go way back to the days when I was in Pathfinder Platoon, and he was in 2 Commando (the unit I was posted to prior to moving over to Pathfinder Platoon). We got to know each other better when we both instructed on an Infantry Section Commander's Course, he was a great guy to work with. I had been working pretty hard out in the field prior to instructing on that course and when I got assigned this instructor task I was more than a little unimpressed as it meant no down time. Needless to say, Rick got to witness the wrath of a fairly fit young Pathfinder Sergeant unleashing some fairly rigorous hardships on the course candidates for quite a few weeks. Not exactly a Hallmark card moment.

I'm much better now. ;-)

Anyway, here's Rick hanging out with the boys showing them a trick or two. Keegan liked to cheer for Rick.

Rick with the boys3011Keegan cheering with Rick3018