May 15, 2007

24 Solo

Eatough climbingI just have to mention a DVD that I've watched a whole bunch of times since I took delivery of it a couple of weeks ago. It's an awesome story which covers Chris Eatough's attempt at securing his 7th 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solo Championship win. With great racing footage and a great soundtrack it covers the epic battle during the race between Eatough and Craig Gordon. The balance of the movie covers the friendship between Eatough and his team manager Jon Posner which in it's own way is a great addition to the movie. Even if you don't ride it's still worthy. More info on the movie can be found at "24 Solo" and you can see a trailer of the movie by clicking here. As soon as I watched the trailer I ordered the DVD right away.

Left: Eatough being chased by Gordon.

Below: Eatough at finish line.

Finish line

Craig GordonSince this will be my first time doing a 24 hour solo mountain bike race attempt, the DVD made me understand some of the hardships I'm going to be facing this summer. 07 July is coming up pretty quickly, wish I had rode more. ;-)

I keep telling myself I've done harder things in my life, still, I have no illusions - it's going to hurt. I'm looking forward to it!

Left: Gordon at finish line.

All photos courtesy of: Jason Berry, Director - Gripped Films