May 15, 2007

Chocolate art

Tall rosetta3454I'm still working away on the latte art, I usually pour a couple each morning. I'm finding these little Vietnamese demi's to be the perfect ratio for me - one ounce of espresso and three ounces of milk. It allows the coffee to really show it's stuff without being overwhelmed by the milk.

I'm sure a year from now I will look back at some of this "art" and shake my head - probably in embarrassment as they are no doubt amateur.


This image was an experiment for Mother's Day, same four ounce latte but with some nice organic bittersweet chocolate shavings resting on the microfoam. I just shaved the chocolate straight off the bar and landed it on the foam. Those shavings look pretty big but in reality they were featherlight. Tasted pretty good as well and I'm not really a chocolate in my drink kinda guy.

Chocolate latte3476