May 21, 2007

Playdoh is so much fun

Here's some images of the boys from last week playing with Playdoh. It's predictable, Evan always wants a long nose on anything I make. It's a pretty big deal if the nose falls off, in this image Evan is inspecting the replaced nose - can you sense the anticipation.


Keegan is keen to play with Playdoh as well but not, it seems, until his morning hot chocolate is finished. What an impish grin. Keegan's idea of Playdoh fun is not smack the Playdoh until it is flat and it hopefully lands on the floor where he proclaims "uh-oh".

Keegan smiling3550

While the boys were busy creating a Playdoh universe I snapped this image of the tree next to our back deck as it was in full bloom. Not sure what kind of tree it is, so if anyone knows drop me a line.

Flowering tree3557