I've been a blogging-slacker lately. With good weather upon us I'm trying to get in some good riding time. Only eight weeks till my Solo 24hrs of Adrenalin attempt. Nervous? No. Healthily fearful - yes - but looking forward to it. ;-)

Last Saturday I got out for a 150km road ride which was great. I hooked up with my pal Shawn who joined me for half of it. On Sunday we went out to Canmore with a plan to let me do some mountain biking while Doreen and the boys did some hiking. Unfortunately we locked the keys in the Pilot so the riding didn't really work out too well. Last night was a Pedalhead shop ride, 64kms on a really nice loop. The pace was pretty good and I got to make some good efforts which I needed. It's a good group of guys. Tomorrow evening it's another Pedalhead shop ride only this will be a mtb ride, should be fun. Saturday I'm planning for a 260km ride, bring on the IPod.

While we were out in Canmore, we stopped in to take a look at a townhouse/condo development to see what things are selling for now. When the girl said they planned on $550 - $650 per sqft I kept a straight face but mentally I almost fell over. Really, just what kind of oxygen deprivation study is going on out there anyway. $650 per sq! Madness. Here's a good image of the clan (before we asked what properties cost nowadays).

Sipping a juice3426

latte3447I'm still working away at trying to pour a decent three ounces of milk. I'm getting closer to art that looks less like a nebula and more like a rosetta. Here's some examples from today. The espresso blend was a 50/50 split of Brazilian Poco Fundo and Java Kali Bendo - just like drinking a chocolate liqueur.



And by now you can see there is no real cohesiveness in this post so I might as well finish up with an image from a couple of nights ago. A nice sunset shot from the ridge behind the house.

Red sky3427


Anonymous said...

Amaazing sunset, shaun. How could a scene like that ever be put into words. Only a photo can do it.RD