Jun 7, 2007

B-day girl

Bday girl3665Recently it was a certain someone's certain big day. The b-day girl (as seen here in Red Deer at Grandma and Grandpa's) appears to be enjoying the moment, surrounded by family and ice-cream b-day cake. Pretty good day by anyone's standards I think.

This was the same weekend that I rode my bike up to Red Deer and Doreen ran her half marathon. Since then and for the last couple of days Doreen has been browsing available full distance marathon's again. You would think the Dublin marathon would have been enough to teach her running isn't fun. Runners, I just don't get it. ;-)

Keegan upright3684

Doreen wasn't the only one enjoying the moment, Keegan is a big fan of cake. In fact, he is a cake-fiend with a wicked sweet-tooth. You can see here that there must have been something pretty interesting going on to get Keegan to slow down on the cake-inhalation.

Keegan watching grandpa3683

Keegan sitting back in his chair after the b-day feast, listening to grandpa and probably trying to figure out how to get another slice of cake.