Jun 14, 2007

Morning beverages

Blender jug3837We have a few routines around the house in the morning. Maybe every second day or so I will make a large blender juice full of yoghurt, frozen berries, whey protein isolate, steel cut oats, molasses, soy milk and whatever else is laying around. The boys like it because I always make a big deal out of throwing a banana or brown rice in, sometimes I pretend to throw a potato or some dirt in which makes me laugh more than them - they have yet to develop my sophisticated sense of humour. ;-)

I started making these jugs quite a few months ago as part of a recovery drink post-ride or just using it as my breakfast. Now I have to make extra or I don't hear the end of it. Besides liking the blender juice I think part of the attraction is the large amount of blender juice they can accumulate on their upper lip.

Evan's blender smile3852

Well as you can see, Keegan actually likes to increase the blender juice surface area.

Keegan cheek3868

Blender juice is good but it's hard to beat a deelish four ouncer, the milk was cooperating on these pours.


Too bad my pours were crooked.



Dawn said...

Good on ya for the big ride, looks gruelling. And steel cut oats in the morning smoothies? Molasses I can see, but oats? Do you at least sprout 'em before you you cut and add to the brew? Just an idea. And fun pics of the hike in the mountains...makes me miss the hikes up to Landslide Lake. If you and Doreen ever get a chance to venture out hiking without the tots I would highly recommend that lake. Takes a bit of time (12+ hrs. hiking/climbing) but the breath taking scenery along the way and the AMAZING destination are well worth the effort. Watch for bears!

Now here's a very sad thing: this prairie girls crying for the mountains! (sob, sob, sniff, sniff)

Shaun Taylor said...

No sprouting for this guy, wouldn't I have to start wearing loafers if I did that? ;-)