Jun 19, 2007

Mt Kidd for kids

Keegan climbing on bars4030Saturday we spent most of the day visiting with friends out at Mt Kidd camp site in Kananaskis country. The boys had fun, new monkey bars are always more exciting than neighborhood monkey bars. Of course things get much better when you add roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, camp fire's, sticks, pine cones, puddles, rivers, trees, squirrels and other assorted outdoorsy materials.

The weather cooperated for the day, though it did rain for 24hrs before and for 24hrs afterwards and none of this light sprinkling stuff, it poured once we got back to Calgary. The weather hasn't been great for riding recently, hence my road bike setup on the Computrainer down in the basement; four hours at constant wattage on Sunday - uugh! But, I digress...

Less talk and more images, that's no doubt what Grandma is thinking right about now, haha. Here's some dirty marshmallow faces.


I like this shot, Marshall relaxing in the background and Evan framed by the smoke drifting through the sunlight.

Smoke in sunlight3943

Keegan and I went off on an adventure walk, he's old enough now that he's fun to take off by himself to see how he deals with things and get a bit of one-on-one. Here he is after bugging me to help him walk along a downed tree.

Keegan leaning into tree3964

Keegan is quite content to wander around in the bush relatively close to me though he is strongly independent (oops, that would be my genetic fault) and has no problems drifting off out of sight. In fact at one point he just looked back at me and intentionally wandered away. When I hid behind a tree and watched him look back to see where I was, he wasn't the least bit bothered that I was out of sight. I stalked him from tree to tree to observe what he would do and it took at least five minutes until he started to get unhappy that nobody was around and he was out in the bush by himself. Finally he stopped walking, did a few standing circles to look in all directions and then quietly said "Shaun", "Shaun", "Shaun" with a bit of concern and fear in his voice. Pretty funny as he has only ever used "Daddy" up until now, I let him sweat it for another 30 seconds and then made a big deal out of "trying to find him" and made him understand that wandering off isn't ok, he was kinda upset. It was hard to do since the "Shaun" piece tugged at my heart a bit - I must be getting soft. ;-)

Here's Keegan heading back up the hill to the campsite after being "found".

Keegan up the path3968

The rest of the images are from the camp site playground, here's one of Evan pulling Keegan up onto the play structure.

Evan pulling4016

This one was pretty funny - overheard "Where's my girl, oh there she is".

Evan sliding3993

Keegan pretty happy about sliding.

Keegan sliding4026

Evan climbing3979It's pretty obvious the boys have a lot of fun running around and clambering all over new metal. As per usual this day was Doreen's idea, she has all the best ideas. I am nominating Doreen as CEO and President of all things Family Related Planning (sometimes referred to as FRP), I will strongly back her in these prestigious positions and humbly offer my services in other areas of expertise, perhaps something like brewing the coffee while Doreen CEO's-up good FRP. Yeah, good plan Shaun.


Anonymous said...

You're right Shaun. Boys first - then bikes. Great pictures. RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Ruth but you know I could put up some more bike photos if you like, haha!