Jun 25, 2007

Pilot decibels

Boys helping4061

After what seemed like an eternity of bad sound in the Pilot I finally snapped. I was in the garage roasting coffee and found myself staring at a couple of amps and the associated decades worth of accumulated car audio gear laying in the garage collecting dust. That was the day I knew I would make all that bad sound go away. I decided to give Dave a call to see if he could give me a hand with a headunit. It turns out Dave had a few ideas of his own and 36 hours of pretty much sleepless work later and the Pilot was ready to Keeeeeraaaannnkkkkkk it!

Dave, much like myself, enjoys listening to really good sound systems in the home or car. I have pretty much grown out of the bass-heavy subwoofer needs, in fact I gave a gorgeous sub to Dave a number of years back because I wasn't using it. I like a refined sound and somehow along the way I had compromised on my tastes and grown accustomed to gritting my teeth every time I listened to that stock stereo system in the Pilot. Well I was wearing away my fillings so it was time to change it or see a dentist.

Before Dave got to put on his mad scientist car stereo hat we had to rip around town picking up a thing or two illustrating that Dave has a vast knowledge of all things "good deal". Along the way he showed me his good find of a little hole in the wall roti house and I showed him a good place to get homemade Jamaican ginger beer (non-alcoholic of course). The boys got to ride along for the Dave adventure all the while getting to chew on Jamaican patties or roti curries.

Ginger beer4051

It was a beauty day and progress was being made pretty quickly in the "tearing apart the vehicle mode" and by the time Dave got to the engine it was far too late for Doreen to question what we were doing as she pulled up on her bike ride back from the office. The number of parts laying around on our fairly large driveway in no particular order assured us of the opportunity to continue - if only to make the vehicle road worthy again, haha.

Engine work4069

Since Dave is by far the most advanced MacGyver I know, I mainly got stuck with the menial tasks like getting Dave fresh coffee, picking up garbage, getting Dave another coffee, an occasional interesting job requiring very little skill and of course getting Dave more coffee.

Sitting down4064

I knew the train was out of control and heading for the washed out bridge when I took this next photo, this would be at approx 0400hrs, just as the birds were starting to chirp a little bit as they woke up. By 0600hrs I was cooked, as I was tiptoeing into the house for a catnap all that ran through my head was "I wonder if the boys will sleep in this morning, yeah, sleep-in....". An hour later it was pretty apparent the boys weren't about to sleep in. So while Dave got some snoring done in the guest bedroom I got on with the usual morning routine.

Night stereo4078

Topped up with breakfast and a coffee or two, Dave was back into it and the serious Dynamat-ing began. We continued throughout the second day and somewhere around 0230hrs on the third day the job was pretty much done.

Dynamat4084It was a fun project and I can't believe I put up with that stock stereo for so long, what was I thinking? No doubt about it, Dave is pretty much the handiest guy I know - ever.

I mean it helps that he does Home Theater/Satellite/Boardrooms/etc for a living but the guy really is MacGyver - muchas gracias amigo.

Obviously Evan was impressed as well as noted in his exclamation today while we were driving down the highway - "Look dad, those are new speakers that you and your friend Dave put in", "Do you like them Evan?", "Yeah, I like them". I think he was just trying to butter me up for another sip of ginger beer. ;-)