Jun 7, 2007

Playing catch-up

I've been falling behind on posts and images so I'm going to make a push today to get some stuff out. No real good excuses for falling behind - other than riding my bike - a lot.

Here's one from over a week ago, we grabbed breakfast at a downtown diner and they just happen to make a killer milkshake/malt. It's old-school, in the stainless steel shaker, super thick and a big hit with the fellas.


As we left the diner I got this cool shot of Evan staring at the footmarks on this iron grill and then matching his feet up with the footprints. Funny.

Walking on footsteps3622

My preference in beverages leans a little more in this direction. It's nothing to shoot up the fireworks over but a decent little four ouncer nonetheless. A nice Daterra Farms Yellow Bourbon, Java Kali Bendo, Brazilian Poco Fundo and Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley.