Jun 29, 2007


One of these days I will pour something decent and not have a camera. For now it seems I can only pour quasi-rosetta's - and I use the term rosetta quite loosely. ;-)


This morning I used up the last of a nice espresso blend - Brazilian Poco Fundo, Brazilian Moreninha Formosa, Sulawesi Toraja and a PNG Arokara. If you look at the label you can see a large "Espresso" marked on it. I know it's espresso, I roasted it. Doreen on the other hand has been known to Aeropress my espresso blends, uhhhmmmmm - not good. Now I mark Aeropress with a very large "DOREEN'S BLEND". ;-)


Tomorrow I will be digging in to the BECCOR Fazenda Esperanca Peaberry I roasted up the other day. The first batch I roasted was deelish and though it worked well in milk I really liked it as a SO espresso shot. Looking forward to tasting this second batch. Speaking of roasting, I'm off to roast up another batch, something exotic - maybe some Yemen Mocha Matari and Ethiopian Lekempti thrown in with some Daterra Santa Colomba. I'm thinking a 70/15/15 split heavy on the Daterra - yeah!