Pretty big ride yesterday. From Baldy Mtn parking lot to Lusk Pass, then on to Powderface trail and up to Jumpingpound trailhead then up the mtn and over to Cox Hill and back down to Powderface trail to hook up with Lusk Pass and finish off with climbing Baldy Mtn and downhilling to the parking lot.

7.5hrs of out time and approx 6hrs of hard riding. I'm guessing at the total altitude gain of approx 7500-8000ft since I am basing it on my T6 altimeter. Overall the trails were in pretty good condition with some wet patches and mud. We worked pretty hard, that's for sure. Here's an image from Dave's camera, at the top of Cox Hill, a few hours in.

On top of Cox Hill

Here's an image at the other end of Cox Hill, Dave got a flat just as we punched through the snow and hit the rocky descent pretty hard.

Watching Dave change a flat tire


bobbyk said...

That is a terrible shot of a spider web! You must have been low on oxygen. The lattes, however, look very, very smooth. Just wanted to say Hi. I finally bought road shoes...maybe I'll them this summer, or maybe not. Bob.

Shaun Taylor said...


Haha, you know it, not my proudest spider web moment. I might have been low on oxygen, perhaps we should test your oxygen uptake with those new road shoes. I'm taking my road bike out to Mt Kidd this weekend, bring your bike. ;-)

Lattes, you know where we live, come on over.

BobbyK said...

BK's oxygen uptake = Shaun's spider web photo = Terrible
We were thinking of a hike on Sunday. Will speak to you before.

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah sounds good on the hike. By the way, I'll bring enough coffee out to look after the two of us. ;-)