Jul 31, 2007

Coffee catch-up

Drops of espresso4510Yup, time for more coffee related bloggery. This is an image from this morning, the espresso drops you see are the first one's to hit the four ounce cup just before the espresso stream forms. It's a nice blend, six days old, 90% Brazilian Beccor Impanema blend and 10% Ethiopian Lekempti. I love what the Lekempti brings to a shot once it hits the 10 day mark. It's one of the few beans I let run towards my 14 day cutoff. It somehow magically extends the blend beyond it's regular capacity and at the 10 day mark I am always eager to pull it. The rich apricot notes of the Lekempti move through the milk perfectly. The Beccor, of course, is no slouch either.

Espresso stream4511A few seconds later the stream has formed nicely and pulling it for approx 28 seconds to a 1.25 ounce volume seems to be the sweet spot for this blend.

Looking at this image made me realize I need to clean up my portafilter, some pretty grubby fingerprints on there - oops. Nearly three ounces of milk steaming later and the end result is a pretty decent way to start off the day. Not sure what I'm going to do out on the road as we head to Texas.

Did I just mention Texas again???

Of course, the first pour only counts as a warmup so it's the second pour that all the money is riding on.


Lots and lots of milky leaves. I should probably clarify why the images are in-focus and out of focus in the same shot; I take the photo just a few inches away from the cup and my depth of field is really tight. I am so close that moving forward or backward just one inch will change the point of focus on the cup from the front of the cup to the back of the cup. I only do it because I like to get right in the action. Right about where your nose might be (well my nose at least).


Another good example of the same tight depth of field is my focus point on Keegan's eye - who had just benefited from his morning hot chocolate. ;-)

Keegan chocolate smile4484

And since this one is all things coffee, here's what I've been roasting up for the Aeropress since I got 15lbs of it last week - thanks Greg. Smooth, creamy, medium body, definitely cherries/cherry pit and a bit of other stone fruit (maybe peach but only a hint). Has been described as more Kona than Kona. Yum!

Nono Crespi4496