Jul 5, 2007

Deeds not words...

My 24 Hours of Adrenalin Solo race is less than two days away. I've been training reasonably hard and if I feel good on Saturday and Sunday I have big plans. A few days ago I started moving into a mental preparation mode. Not much more I can do at this point fitness wise so now it's all about the head.

A recurring scene keeps flashing back to me as I sit and think about this race. The scene is from back in the day when I was a Warrant Officer with Joint Task Force 2, the unit responsible for Federal Counter-Terrorist operations: "Its mission is to provide a unit capable of rendering armed assistance in the resolution of an incident that is affecting, or has the potential to affect, the national interest." I was sitting at my desk next to one of the other operators as he was scribbling down the as-yet to be identified unit moto "Facta Non Verba". Not too long after that afternoon of scribbling it became the official moto, Dan had come up with a good one, "Deeds not Words"; it was appropriate for the time and I'm sure it's still appropriate for JTF2. But, I left that world a long time ago and I don't get a whole lot of "Deeds not Words" moments anymore. This weekend will be one of them.

So, if you see me out at the race and you hear me whining just tell me to suck it up and maybe quietly mumble something about Deeds not Words. If that doesn't work, just punch me in the shoulder.