Keegan next to trailer4343We've been camping at George & Ruth's trailer out at Gull Lake since Saturday. It's a large lake (I rode around it the other day and it works out to approx 75kms) with some provincial parks around it. George had the trailer all setup for us on a nice pad only a couple of minutes walk from the beach, thanks George. The boys like camping and water and hot dogs and marshmallows and catching bugs and water and going for an adventure walk and water - so camping next to a lake is working out quite well (Doreen's choice of course). We are out at the lake until this Sunday and then it's time to head back to Calgary. Good thing too because I've got to get off the Miss Vickies salt and vinegar potato chip binge and it's also time to put the cold beers away again (until after World's).

Evan waiting for marshmallows4345It's been hot and humid this week, hot like 30 degrees Celsius and a gajillion percent humidity (gajillion is my word for the week). The first two days at the campsite I did two road rides in the middle of the day at the hottest possible time of the day, changing a flat tire on the side of the road with a gajillion horseflies swarming me was not a highlight. Today I'm going to be a bit smarter about it and go for a ride this evening. Even in the heat the boys will scoot up just a couple of inches closer to the fire if it means it might speed up the marshmallow roasting.

Doreen has spent a lot of time hanging with the boys at the lake. I'm not so much of a lake guy. Not only am I a below average swimmer but I'm also an eyesore what with my wickedly bad farmer's tan from cycling. But I'll take one for the team and let Evan tow me around the lake.

Evan towing me4373

I guess what goes around, comes around. So here I am paddling Evan around the lake.

Me paddling Evan4378

George and Ruth have been out to the trailer quite a lot, probably because of their fascination with entomology, or maybe it's because they like hanging out with the grandchildren; either way it's good to have them out.

Evan collecting bugs4363

We came into Red Deer to hit the "Westerner Days" parade a much smaller version of the Calgary Stampede parade - much smaller. Then we went to the fairground where there were rides and displays, petting zoos and candy apples, all the usual fare. But there was a bit of a twist with this show...

Catching air4401Dangerous Dan and the Flowriders were putting on a display of extreme biking, stunts, big air and other kooky riding fun. Evan proclaimed that he wanted to do that. Oh no....! The two riders that were hucking it were fun to watch and it was cool to see this kind of thing rather than the usual exhibitions. Hopefully it will get young kids stoked about chasing a healthy lifestyle. Healthy in the way of active fun, crossed-fingers on the no broken bones thing.

Keegan couldn't put it into words but it appears he also digs the ramps and big air, even if it means he has to walk up them in rubber boots.

Keegan on ramps4404

Well, I'm outta time and have to jump on my bike so it looks like the parade stuff will have to wait, so hold your breath. ;-) Are you still holding your breath???


Dawn said...

We totally miss RD for all the fun stuff to do there...on a smallerish scale. If you've the time, take in Centre Fest there; a gathering of atists and artisans the like and of course lots of face painters and blow up jumping things for the tots. Also neat to take in the variety of street performers showing there stuff throughout the day. Our kids were always inspired by, well pretty much everything there. (Keep in mind, it's done on a much smaller scale than anything in Calgary!) Cheers!