Jul 31, 2007

Gull Lake part deux.

I processed some more images from our Gull Lake camping trip, here they are. Hopefully this will get me caught up to more recent news, like Texas.

Love this image, it is the boys eating a snack on the beach with the mandatory sandy hands. I was laying on my bike next to them shooting up at the sky. I think it's cool.

At the beach4469

A rare moment with Keegan actually helping build sandcastles rather than his standard operating procedure of stomping every sandcastle in sight.

Digging with KeeganDSC_4480

Evan was my go to guy when I needed some sandcastle reinforcement.

Evan with sand4456

While not on sandcastle-duty, Evan could be found doing wind sprints up and down the water's edge.

Evan running by water4453

Or scaling an obstacle.

Evan climbing4445

Of course all that running around and digging requires some caloric top-up.

Hot dogs by the trailer4320

What is it with kids and hot dogs?

Hot dog bookends4309

With calories to spare it's back to the lake for another round of sandcastle crushing.

Keegan next to water4454