I said I would put some more images up when I got them. These three are from a pro photographer, they were shooting with some big rigs out there. I like the images so much I'm going to leave them bigger that I normally would for the blog.

This image was taken earlier in the race just as I cleared a corner and got up out of the saddle to punch the big ring down a fast section. How do I know all that, 'cause I did the exact same thing in that exact spot 18 times. ;-)

24hr solo 2007 out of the saddle

Here's one of my Sunday morning laps, I wasn't feeling too good right about this time. Still, I'm going approx 40km per hr down this stretch and not touching the brakes.

24hr solo 2007 chilly high speed descent

This was taken during my final lap at approx 30mins before the cutoff time and with still another 1.5 km's to race. It is a tight s-turn coming off a medium grade downhill section that is super fast. I would just let that fast section rip and not touch brake for over a km or more, easily over 50km per hr coming up on the s-turn. I would pass quite a few people on that long fast section it helped make up time for my sloppy hill climbing. ;-)

24hrs solo 2007 final lap