Jul 4, 2007


It's summer time and all the usual signs are popping up. Backyard summer BBQ's with friends...

Keegan sandbox4180

T-shirts and messy faces in the back seat...

Keegan through window4222

Roses and a bee in the front yard...

Rose and bee4243

Speaking of flying insects with stingers. I was out for an evening ride a couple of days ago on my road bike, climbing up a little hill and standing up out of my saddle, dancing on the pedals and humming to myself along with the Ipod tunes. Coming towards me was a nice looking older Asian couple out for a casual stroll, a tranquil moment. Until I started repeatedly slapping my helmet really hard and trying to tear it off while simultaneously weaving all over the path and yelling "AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!". The older couple backed up against the edge of the path with fear in their eyes as the obviously insane cyclist rode past them yelling "Wasp! Wasp!" I came to a stop, tore my helmet off and eyeballed the wasp that had flown into one of my helmet vents and proceeded to let me know what's what. I went for a night ride the day after and my forehead was swollen enough to make the helmet uncomfortable - great. Oh well, I guess that's a small price to pay for enjoying the outdoors.