Aug 25, 2007

The big trees

Evan and Paul BunyanDSC_4747We continued our travels down the Oregon coast and into California on the search for REALLY BIG TREES. Mission successful the trees are massive, I have seen them in the past but had forgotten how truly humongo they are. 2000 year old big.

Of course you can't have massive trees without a massive lumberjack. We pulled off the highway so the boys could have a look at Paul Bunyan. Keegan thought he was Bob the Builder and all the way back to the Pilot he was waving and saying good bye to Bob.

To give you an idea of how large Mr Bunyan is, here we are sitting on his boot.

Boys o the bootDSC_4752

The gang at the base of a tree trunkDSC_4780Once the obligatory touristy stuff was out of the way, we headed further down the highway and into the park. Everywhere we hiked there were gigantic trees - I mean really, really, incredibly huge trees.

The boys had a blast running from tree to tree, looking for something to climb on, over, under or up.

Here's a couple of images of us at the base of some typically large tree trunks.

All of us on the treeDSC_4758

Here's an image looking up a few hundred feet up into some big trees.

Looking up at treesDSC_4767

Everywhere you looked the scale of these trees made you feel Lilliputian (is that a word??? I know it's a fairy tale).

Fallen treeDSC_4786

Doreen in lightDSC_4793Besides shooting amongst some big trees, the lighting at times was perfect.

I'm not much of a photographer but with this kind of lighting it makes things much easier to get a pretty decent image.

If someone wants to pay me for the rights to this image, because you really want it to be the front cover of your world famous magazine, just let me know and I can arrange something.

I'm pretty sure I could have spent the better part of the day shooting the trees and light/shadows but we still had a lot of highway to put under our belts. I think this day ended up being a 14 hour day.

Another big treeDSC_4788After we left the big trees we continued down the coast for a while longer and then cut in to the central regions - towards Mt Shasta.

Mexiican food smilesDSC_4806Along the way we stopped at a brilliant Mexican food restaurant. Doreen had Fajitas which she shared with the boys and I had the Huarache con Carne Asada which was soooooo good, it had small chunks of cactus in the dish which was a first for me, can't believe I've never had it before considering all the Mexican food I've eaten.

The waitress was really great and while deciding what to order we got into a chat about what she recommended and essentially she chose the Huarache with cactus for me. Good decision.

In the bottom image you can see Keegan in the background digging into the still warm corn chips with the spicy salsa dip. It was spicy. Keegan wouldn't stop eating it. Keegan's tongue finally surrendered, he had tears running down his cheeks and his nose was running. He's starting to develop an asbestos mouth.

The highway east through the mountains towards our final destination for that night was full of switchbacks. At one point I don't think we drove in a straight line for 15 minutes. Doreen started to get a bit queasy, I'm sure she will be rock solid at Disneyland. ;-)

We got to our hotel in Red Bluff, CA some time around 2230hrs. After check-in, everyone settled in the room, move a pile of gear and three bikes off the Pilot and up the flights of stairs and some catchup blogging it was time for some much needed sleep.

More on Red Bluff and then our trip down to Berkeley to work an espresso machine at the Farmer's Market in my next post.

Keegan heading for more salsaDSC_4809