Aug 14, 2007

Coffee and socks

Espresso drop4633Nice little shot of a shot. I'm going to miss these kinds of things while on the road for the next month. 10% of our daily efforts may have to be applied to finding a good coffee shop. Would it be wrong to plan our itinerary around world-class establishments??? ;-)

My latte art is starting to improve though it really doesn't rate against some of the art being poured out there on a daily basis by professionals. Still, I'm happy to see that they just aren't blobs anymore. It's hard to get good at pouring art when you are only making one or two a day. I just have to start convincing the boys that they need to start drinking four ounce latte's.

Can't believe we are leaving Calgary in just over two days. I haven't even begun to think about how many t-shirts or socks I'm taking for a month on the road and then probably a couple of weeks in a hotel in Texas followed by waiting to get our stuff moved into a rental house in Sugar Land. Doreen is so much further ahead of me, I think I can hear her up in the bedroom rummaging through her sock drawer right now.


While the biggest race of the year (for me) is just over two weeks away, Doreen has quietly started training for her second marathon (Dublin was her first) which she signed up for a couple of weeks ago. Here she is after a two hour training run, the boys are helping her stretch. I guess the Houston Marathon has something close to 17,000 starters - wow!

Doreen stretching4643

Guess I should stop keeping everyone in the loop and get on with figuring out socks and underwear.