Aug 24, 2007

Hanging in Maple Ridge

Like I said, when we hit Maple Ridge, Doreen and Deanne got to do some girlie-time.

Girls hugging

I got to do some road riding and also hang with Jacques. The boys got to splash around in J&D's pool and do all kinds of other fun kid stuff. Yeah, that's right, Keegan is wearing a pasta strainer on his head.

Keegan wearing strainer

The boys don't get to watch too much TV, we didn't have cable or satellite at home so when they hit someone else's house the kid cartoon network is a big deal. Here's Evan telling me I'm blocking his view of the TV and I need to move out of the way. I kept moving the wrong way, continuously blocking his view for a few minutes until he got up and moved. Evan likes cartoons, I like bugging him. ;-)

Evan telling me to move out of the way

J&D have a nice size front and back yard here's the kids kicking a soccer ball around at the front of the house. They sure do like their soccer.

On the front lawn

Something pretty cool... I got to do something I've never done before. Jacques is in the movie industry and I tagged along with him to go on the set of a new movie that has just started production called "Watchmen". We spent a few hours down at the Canadian Motion Picture Park, I now have a better appreciation for what it takes to make a movie. Notice I didn't say "what it takes to make a GOOD movie" - sometimes I shake my head over some of the junk that Hollywood releases. Honestly, who are the idiots that let some of these bombs go out to theater?

Oops, that was a tangent, so with that out of the way I'm going to get back to processing more images for the blog. Hope to have another couple of posts up tomorrow.