Aug 9, 2007

Hiking in Kananaskis

On the weekend we headed out to K-country to go for a family hike. We arranged to meet out in Bragg Creek so I could hop on my road bike and punch out 80kms via 22X and Millarville. The weather was great for a ride and hike.

Running down the path4570

Pretty soon we found a picnic bench for a mid-hike snack. Great shot of sunlight glancing off Doreen's shoulder.

Sunlight on shoulder4549

That picnic bench spot had some great lighting and a fantastic contrast between sky and wood.

Picnic bench4554

Towards the end of the hike there's a nice little creek. It's fairly cold but that didn't stop the fellas from jumping in.

Laying in the creek4580

Pretty quickly Keegan realized the water was sorta chilly.

Out of the water4576

Evan figured things out pretty quickly as well.

Evan burrrrr4581

Of course, at two and three years old, cold doesn't really seem that important if it means you can hop right back into the creek.

Pleased with themselves4579

It was a good day.


J.J. Kayande said...

So what's the story on Texas? When are you taking off? How long will you be gone? We keep saying we should invite you guys over...

Shaun Taylor said...

Details should be up in the next day or so. ;-)