Doreen and flagSo we officially crossed the US border along with accompanying official paperwork on the 21st. The US border guards, what can I say that is complimentary... hmmmm, nothing really. I think I overheard someone use the term "disgruntled" to describe the ambiance. Basically if they were working for me back in the day I would have had them peeling potatoes for their bad attitudes. We were glad to put that nonsense behind us and get on with heading down the coast.

First couple of nights were spent in Lincoln City, Oregon at the Looking Glass Inn. Good location next to the beach. Only one minute away from our hotel room and I was able to shoot this kind of stuff, birds in flight.


Right across the street was a "Mo's", they claim to be renowned for their clam chowder (both of us thought it was average) but we soon learned every restaurant in the area claims some form of award related to clam, clams or clahms (not sure if the latter was a misspell or an attempt at local culture). Mo's has all the angle's down, including the make you walk through the gift shop maze and line up in the middle of the gift shop extravaganza - perfect if you have some time to kill and just need to pick up a dozen clam shell mermaids. Not perfect if you have two young boys who think shells and all other forms of trinkets and knickknacks should belong to them if they are in arm's reach.

Boys at gift shop

One thing Mo's has nailed is the excellent view from the restaurant.

Doreen looking out window

Again, just a two minute walk from our hotel was a great stretch of beach with a pile of beached logs that the boys had fun scrambling on. I adjusted the size of this image incorrectly and would normally readjust the size to 328 pixels wide rather than the 657 pixels this one is set at but it's a great shot of Evan so I'm keeping it BIG. ;-)

Evan walking on log

Keegan walking on logKeegan loved the log action and did a great job with an excellent sense of balance and no signs of fear that's for sure.

There are times watching the two of them when I tighten up as one of them gets in a precarious position. I have to force myself to not spring over to help them negotiate a tough spot. They both learn really well and I want them to gain natural independence and self-confidence by accomplishing things on their own terms. Hard to let it evolve naturally as the 2.5yr old sets himself up for a near-guaranteed header off the log and into the sand while the 3.5yr old is balancing on one foot on a tall log smiling and waving - my nerves. ;-)

Keegan walking logWhenever the two of them get into a natural flow of sibling rivalry they alway remind me of a couple of velociraptors. When they aren't snapping at each other and rolling around in a fight, then they are racing after an objective in full-speed ahead mode both in a form of cooperation.

This image is a perfect example of velociraptor competitiveness though you wouldn't know it if you didn't understand the details. Here we see Keegan has made it all the way across the log, I was cheering him on so Evan needed to jump off the top of his log and run at super-fast speed to beat Keegan to the next log. Funny.

The best meal we had was at a place called "Wildflower Grill". Excellent food and service, prices were fair for the quality and portion size. As you can see, one of the velociraptors was a little tired from the sand-sprints.

Evan sleeping in Wildflower

You snooze, you loose. Here's Keegan putting a dent in the grilled cheese sandwich before Evan finally woke up enough to try catching up.

Keegan grilled cheese

Doreen had a chicken breast done with a lime-thingy sauce reduction etc which she said was really good.

Doreen's meal

Mine was a superb Northwest Pacific seafood pasta, lots of clams, mussels, etc along with a lovely garlicky linguine etc. Wicked good!

My meal

While waiting for our meal, I couldn't take my eyes off the small garden in front of the restaurant, full of Wildflowers. The sun was streaming through the garden and the lighting was really nice.


That same day I got to do a nice ride along the Oregon coast. The weather was perfect and for nearly two hours I got to enjoy the sun and ocean views as I pressed on in my own little Ipod world.

oregon ride

The next morning came too soon and we were packing up and hitting the road again; this time looking for some really big trees - big, BIg, BIG trees.