Aug 11, 2007

Speaking of Texas

Evan in the air4603We headed over to Bob and Kerri's place recently to hook up for a BBQ. Bob was working some grilled-magic and I had brought a post-ride appetite with me. So while I had my hand so deep into bowls scraping them clean that I was getting sauce on my knuckles, the boys were hitting the trampoline.

It was a nice summer evening sitting on their back deck enjoying a laugh or two. Once everyone finished up the boys were straight back to the trampoline.

Of course some of the talk turned to Texas...

Evan side jump4598Keegan falling4614

A while ago Doreen got the word that she had been nominated to run a project out of Fluor's Sugar Land office. Well the reality of that is about to sink in as we leave Calgary on Friday morning to hit the road heading south for a couple of years. We are going to take a month to get there, driving down the West Coast and making our way to San Francisco and then to Monterey, California so I can race at the World Solo Championship 24 Hours of Adrenalin event. Then it's Disneyland, San Diego and other such places, finally pulling in to Sugar Land in mid-Sept. A month on the road with a dog, two kids and three bikes, sounds like a novel in the making.

We don't have a place in Sugar Land yet, we will be renting and will have to wait to hit the ground before we can start poking our noses into houses. While we are looking for a rental we'll have to find a hotel that loves dogs and bikes and kids and air conditioning hugging Canadians.

I'm sure we won't have everything organized before we leave. There's still paperwork to be done, piles of stuff to organize into "take", "giveaway" and "storage", cleaning, calling, handshakes, promises, teasing and of course a bunch of "come visit us down there" conversations.

So there it is... Texas-bound.

There's a pile of people coming over tomorrow for a "Goodbye BBQ" (if you didn't get an invite it's only because we are in scramble-mode). Time to pack it in and hit the sack. Tomorrow will be busy trying to squeeze in three hours of riding, several hours of cleaning (the house is a disaster) and shopping for burgers and such all before 1400hrs. Finding dog friendly hotels located directly across from Disneyland with an outdoor pool and for a magically cheap rate looks like it is getting bumped on to tomorrow night's list of things to do. Does anyone out there have a connection in Disneyland for a sweet-deal? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, I guess congratulations are in order! No more indoor riding due to snow. How will this affect your house and coffee shop? I imagine you'll be getting lots of visitors in Jan - Mar when all your friends and family are tired of the snow and cold up here.


Shaun Taylor said...

Hi Liz,

Yeah, our door is always open for friends and family. Shorts and t-shirts in Mar sounds pretty appealing - don't you think? ;-)