Sep 13, 2007

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Couple in front of tankDSC_5027We spent most of a day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and it was time well spent. This is such a cool aquarium both for kids and adults. I'm sure I could have spent most of the day just taking pictures of the jellyfish - they were amazing. Getting reasonably decent images of the jellyfish was pretty challenging. With all the poor lighting conditions and such it was interesting trying to figure out how to get the shots. Overall they turned out pretty well.

The boys ran around with their noses pressed up against a lot of glass that's for sure. They could probably go back there day after day.

Once again, I'm going to blast up more images and not so much text, for sure the next post up will be about the 24hr race.

Jelyfish knotDSC_5081

Jellyfish mobDSC_5096

Ghostly jellyfishDSC_5122

Blue crystal jellyfishDSC_5118

Blue crystal jellyfish frontDSC_5120

Doreen pretending to be a barnacle.

Barnacle momDSC_5007

An alien landscape.

Alien landscapeDSC_5019

Hard to get the boys to sit still for a photo, luckily this clam showed up.

Clam boysDSC_5031

Evan running through caveDSC_5036Evan was really active through this area. A big kids zone with lots of neat things to do and see. I think the aquarium managed to create the perfect balance of things to do and see for all ages. Really impressive.


Lots and lots of big tanks to stand and gaze at.

Wide tankDSC_5029

Train gangDSC_5129Of course there was lots more to do and see in the Monterey area (outside of mountain biking). Here is a bonus blog-closing shot of the train gang hanging out of Keegan's favorite kind of toy. Now if only this train had a big Thomas the Tank Engine face painted on the front we would probably still be in Monterey with Keegan hanging on to a wheel and not letting go.

Time to start packing, today we are headed on an 8hr drive to Tucson. Till next time...