Evan at Berkeley signDSC_4851

Eating peachesDSC_4853After leaving Red Bluff we hustled our way down to the Berkeley Farmers Market. A couple of days prior I had been swapping emails back and forth with a chap who is in the same green coffee bean cooperative that I participate in. It so happens that one of his staff who helps him on Saturdays at the market had called in with an injury, I offered to stop by and help on our way down to San Francisco. Never met the guy before but we know each other through the green bean passion.

Once we parked and entered the Farmers Market at the furthest side from his stall we had to work our way past rows of fresh produce and organic cooking and it all looked really good.

Too good for the boys who went into a bite and put back frenzy when Doreen stopped to try some samplers and look at some peaches. The samplers were a hit with the boys and they must have thought all the peaches were samples at that point. From that we ended up with a large bag of bitten peaches, which was fine as these organic peaches were incredible!

Eating peaches by the roasterDSC_4854After meeting my coffee-friend for the first time and enjoying a deelish Turkish coffee (the first real coffee I had enjoyed since Vancouver) I promised to come back and start pulling espresso and lattes but first it was something to eat. While enjoying the coffee and catching up a bit, the boys took the opportunity to sit themselves right next to the roaster and eat... more peaches.

Lunch turned into grabbing some organic Asian food at a cool little stall and eating right on the grass which seemed the groovy thing to do at this market. It was fantastic. If we lived near Berkeley I could see us going here every weekend. A great vibe, good produce and cool granola feel to the place.

Eating on the grass at BerkeleyDSC_4849

After lunch it was back to the coffee stall and I was quick to jump on the espresso machine which was an old lever pull - cool. Doreen and the boys headed off to do some more peach eating.

Working the steamDSC_4875

Pretty soon we were in the flow and the two of us were having a good laugh behind the espresso bar. Doreen took this shot through the customers, it's funny to see it through the eyes of a customer, we probably looked like a couple of clowns - good thing we knew what we were doing.

What the crowd seesDSC_4863

A few moments during the hours that I worked the bar had me laughing so hard I got a good abs workout. Some of the customers were bringing friends back for more coffee and more laughs, it was a great sunny afternoon in Berkeley.

Having a laughDSC_4869

The boys had a great time as well, here's one of the customers who wrestled with Evan and Keegan for quite a while, really enjoying himself. I think that looks like a flying body smash that Evan is laying on him. ;-)

Marauding the customersDSC_4856

What a perfect afternoon, coffee and peaches in Berkeley. All too soon it was time to head for San Francisco.