Sep 5, 2007

Red Bluff

Keegan bowlingDSC_4836Wow, my World Championship Solo 24hr race is done. Now it's time to finally catchup on all the stuff I haven't been posting about...

A couple of weeks ago we left Lincoln City and headed for Red Buff, Ca. We made it there quite late at night as we had a long drive through some fairly twisty switchback mountain passes.

We woke of to a very hot Red Bluff. Easily 100 degrees plus for the whole time we were there - yikes. One of the things we decided to do to get out of the sun and have a bit of a laugh was to go bowling, which the kids really enjoy. This was 10 pin and the balls were quite a bit heavier than they are used to so they definitely made a solid "thwack" when they hit the lane. As you can see here, Keegan got his squat-style from some mighty fine coaching.

Keegan and me bowlingDSC_4822

Sometimes breakfast on the road is borderline unhealthy or worse, on this particular morning we made an attempt at eating something decent so it was off to the local supermarket to get breakfast. They had a small eating area where you could do a quasi-restaurant affair, no doubt supplied with food from their deli sandwiches area and such. Not sure they have seen someone crack open a tub of organic yogurt, organic granola and organic blueberries, mix it all up and start spooning it back with a coffee stirring spoon. Judging by the looks it's probably not too common.

Eating in supermarketDSC_4811

I got to head out for an hour of hill repeats while we were there. The temps were showing approx 102 degrees, wickedly hot for hill repeats!!! If you look at the top of the marked route that would be where I was doing repeats up a very quiet desert residential area, grades in excess of 20 degrees. It was hot. After 30mins of repeats in that heat I limped back to the hotel and proceeded to lay down and moan - a lot.

Time to get out of Red Bluff and head for somewhere less sweltering.

Red Bluff ride