Sep 9, 2007

San Fran

Walking in San FranDSC_4880Loved this town. I'm sure if we could have we would still be wandering the streets, up and down the hills, it's a great place with a great vibe. Maybe it helped that the weather cooperated nicely and it was pretty near perfect postcard stuff. In times past I have been there when it is rainy and foggy, not nearly as nice.

We found some nice restaurants and a great coffee shop. The market down at the pier was a nice place to hang out at for the afternoon. We traveled on buses and trams using them as much as possible. We walked, a lot. There's a lot to do, a lot to see.

Since I am way, way, way behind in blogging (I'm basically trying to do it late at night when everyone is asleep and it's taken me a while to start recovering from "the big race" so my blogging abilities have been somewhat crippled by late night fuzzy-headedness) I'm going to make an executive decision and minimize the text portion of the blog in order to get some more photos out and try to move forward in time to be able to post more recent news. So hang on, here comes some images and not a whole lot of text...

Some great architecture.

Looking up fire escapeDSC_4897

Great history.

Pointing at statueDSC_4901

Great scenery.

Golden Gate bridge at sunsetDSC_4899

Fun Nightlife.

SignDSC_4908Fishermans wharfDSC_4907

Interesting characters. How can you not like that.


Incredible coffee (and easily one of the top 10 latte's I've ever had) from Blue Bottle Coffee this would be my main hangout if I needed a retail bevie. This was a great espresso shot.

Blue BottleDSC_4943

Results of great espresso.

Happy coffeeDSC_4947

Enjoying the latte while sitting on the sidewalk (love the contrast between the "art" and the sidewalk garbage).

Blue Bottle latte on sidewalkDSC_4950

Regret not buying some of their whole bean, Doreen and I tasted some of their Yemen Mattari brewed in one cup paper filter drip's and it was perfect.

Whole beansDSC_4953

While in Union Square, Evan decided he was shopped out. Wish I could have joined him.

Shopping beatDSC_4915

Public transpo.

Boarding tramDSC_4968

Bus rideDSC_4941

Waiting for tramDSC_4927

Tram rideDSC_4930

Evan likes maps.

Pointing the wayDSC_4965

We ate in nice restaurants and down and dirty local restaurants - they were all good.

No tourist restaurantDSC_4917

Sometimes you don't need a restaurant.

Lunch at pierDSC_4961

Eventually the yummy sushi is all gone and the last tram ride is done and it's time to move on to the next town.

Keegan and Doreen and sushiDSC_4882End of rideDSC_4937

Monterey and Salinas is up next and of course "the big race". Stay tuned. ;-)