I haven't been blogging too much recently, finding a house here in Sugar Land, Tx has been keeping us busy. A couple of days ago we secured a nice place but don't move in for another two weeks, oh the agony of more hotel time. From the moment we left Calgary till we move into the new house we will have been in hotels for seven weeks. I'm officially hotel-ed out. We are happy about the new place, the house itself is lovely, the location is really good, the 'hood is nice, there's a library spitting distance from our back door, etc, etc. It's going to work out much better than I had hoped for - with the exception of no sweet singletrack a few minutes away and speaking of singletrack...

I have started my "scouring the Internet for interesting and inspiring stories about endurance riding" again. Why? I just signed up for another 24 hour Solo race which has me on the start line in four weeks time. How dumb am I? It's called 24 Hours of Rocky Hill and it sounds like a good course with some fun characters. Probably not a good idea to do this one so soon after World's and I know my endurance won't be as good as it should but since it's here in Texas it would be a shame to not do it. I haven't been riding my bike at all since World's and I don't see much hope of getting in any solid training before Rocky Hill so I think I'll just show up, ride hard and have a bit of fun as well. Doreen will be looking after the boys and helping me in the pit during the daylight hours, then they will all hop into a tent and go to bed which will leave me to self-support and probably needing a good mechanic or doctor at one point or other. Maybe their snoring will keep me from hanging out in the pit too long. At least I can talk to myself in the middle of the night and nobody will notice. It should be interesting. Back to my original point... while scouring I came across this piece from another competitor who also raced at World's, I think it's worth a read to help anyone out there better understand how difficult these kinds of events can be and that sometimes the game plan just doesn't work out no matter how hard you try.

Lots more to say but I'm beat. I'm off to bed. G'night.