I know some of you are checking in to see what's going on. Sorry there has been a blogging dry-spell. It's been busy with moving into the new place here in Sugar Land, Texas and all the admin that goes along with that. Trying to keep the boys busy so they are enjoying their new surroundings is a pretty big priority of course. My spare time has been spent obsessing about the 24hr Solo race that is happening in just over two days rather than processing images and typing creative sentence structure.

Why obsess over a race? Well it's in my nature. ;-)

The strange thing about this race is a couple of weeks ago I was pretty relaxed, the focus had been to "enjoy" this 24hr Solo and spend some time looking around, smelling the roses as it were, rather than looking straight down the trail. Then a week ago some things fell into place that have caused me to get more serious about the race - which is tough since I'm not really in the shape I want to be in to do an Ultra. But there it is, whatever shape I'm in for this weekend was decided a few weeks ago (probably about the time I was eating a pretzel, drinking a beer and lining up for another ride at Disneyland). No matter what my body says I'm pretty much going to ignore it as I'm mentally tuned-up for this race. I want to race right now, now, rigggggggght now, now, right now.

Having pre-ridden the course a couple of weeks ago I've come to the conclusion that it's my kind of course. So, unless I wrap my bike around a tree during a high speed descent or something equally as daft, I expect to do a Viking Berserker this weekend. Even if my body doesn't want anything to do with my head, mentally I'm going to be swinging a very big sword for 24hrs.

Hey, why the reference to Berserker? Well here's an explanation from a Google compilation:

"The meaning of the word berserker is derived from another characteristic of this warrior- berserkergang- a word meaning crazed behavior. Before a battle, berserkers spent hours working themselves into a frenzy by painting their faces, howling like animals and banging helmets. This crazed state, they believed, made them immune to pain and helped them shrug off the non-lethal blows by enemy weapons. Today, the word berserk means to act crazy."

Now I just have to find some face paint, you heard it here first...


Anonymous said...

Shaun, remember the blogging formula - 1/3 bikes -1/3 coffee - 1/3 boys. :) RD

Peter said...

Best of luck with this one Shaun!

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, I know, I know. Next week - guaranteed! ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Peter! By the way, nice ghost work on the Coffeegeek espresso write-up. Based on that write-up I just got some of the Ecco Cafe Reserve in the mailbox today. I could smell it in the USPS box it came in when I checked the mail. I can smell it in the kitchen right now as the espresso machine is coming up to temp. ;-)