Nov 25, 2007

Another bike race...

Less than a week to go until I toe the line again.

If a person wanted to they could race all year long here in Texas and I suppose that's what I'll do. Unlike riding in Calgary where I was training to a specific race date(s), right now I'm just riding around with nothing epic on the calendar. And with no specific events to train for I am simply showing up for a race here and there as they pop up on the near-horizon. So it looks like I won't get to race at my best fitness until I get my calendar act together, until then I might as well race myself into a reasonable level of fitness. ;-)

Camp Eagle posterThis Saturday I'll be ripping it up on the first race of a five race series called the "2008 Hill Country Bicycle Works Texas Mountain Bike State Championship Marathon Series" - that's quite a mouthful. It looks like a pretty interesting course and in parts it looks like a pretty rough course, if the weather cooperates it should be a lot of fun. Listening to other riders it sounds like it's gonna be approx six hours of racing.

Unfortunately it takes approx six hours of driving to get there and that's something I'm not used to. Texas is a big state and some of the races are spread pretty far apart so I guess I better get used to it. This Marathon Series should keep me busy until I put pen to paper and figure out what the truly giganto-sized race is going to be next year. For sure I'd like to do a couple of 24hr Solo kind of events but my mind is sort of drifting off towards some kind of multi-day event format. Of course La Ruta de los Conquistadores has my attention but we've been to Costa Rica before so maybe another event in an interesting country for a race and a vacation. Maybe not even a race, maybe just some kind of solo attempt at something kooky. I'll try and figure it out some time between now and next year.

Well back to the present, I found this cool YouTube footage that shows some parts of the race course that I'll be riding on Saturday. If you are at work turn the speakers down as there is some rockin' tunes going on, if you are at home watching it then make sure you turn your speakers up! ;-)