Odd, I created a blog post last night as I was walking down the sidewalk to a restaurant in flip-flops (the flip-flop piece is for our friends in Calgary who hung up their flip-flops a couple of months ago) I had a whole pile of text attached to this post/image and for some reason the text failed to get pushed up with the photo. Shame really as it was cutting edge writing. So this edit today will be briefer and probably not as world class. ;-)

This is a photo of the boys just before we went out last night to meet up with friends for dinner here in Sugar Land at the Black Walnut. Whenever Keegan uses the toilet he gets to pick a candy out of the mysteriously never empty pumpkin pail. Evan always manages to get involved as well making a "token-effort" and therefore getting to attend the pumpkin ceremonies.

Its a good system and anything that will get Keegan on the porcelain is ok with me.

That's all for now. More cutting edge later.