Nov 14, 2007

Evan likes dumptrucks

Evan likes dumptrucks
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Evan got several presents on his birthday this last weekend. One of the presents that I picked out for him is a game where you build various structures by interlocking tubes and sliders and loop-de-loops. Then you get to put marbles on it and watch them roll down through the various twisty creative pathways you created. I bought it because I would have wanted it as a kid and luckily Evan thinks the same thing - it's cool. I figure the two boys and I played with it for a couple of hours this morning.

Another hit b-day prezzie is the motorized dumptruck from John and Angie. Cleaning up my bike gear from the weekend XC mountain bike race was a whole lot easier when there was a dumptruck to help me move things around. I think in this iPhone camera shot, if you use your imagination, you will see a Gu Gel in the back of the truck.

Important blog-warning for the image aficionado's... If the image looks sub-standard I took it on my iPhone and am pushing it up directly to the blog from my iPhone. Like right now. If the image looks a bit better then chances are it's coming from my Nikon D200 and I'm pushing it up from my laptop.

Average image = iPhone.

Above average image = D200.

Below average writing = possible from either the iPhone or laptop. ;-)


Paul Sedillo said...

It's all a matter of perspective regarding image quality and the iPhone. I actually like that it gives the image a different look. To me that's half the fun.

Shaun Taylor said...

I agree.

Still, chances are that Nikon isn't too worried about the iPhone taking any of its market share. ;-)