Nov 22, 2007

T-day feast

Pecan PieJohn and Angie invited us over to their larger family Thanksgiving Day feast. Lots of great food and meeting new folks, thanks for the Sugar Land invite, we had a lovely time!

What you are looking at in the picture is a photo taken from inside the kitchen, this is showing only 20% of the food in the background. I'm into round two of the overload - the desert's - and words can't describe this pecan pie which is about 2 inches from my iPhone.



John said...

It is a great pie. Because we only get those during the holidays I started to wonder if the pie had been over hyped to you. After a quick taste I realized this pie can not be over hyped.

Even the mighty mighty Oprah probably had 2 slices of it yesterday.

Now if Oprah says something is doesn't that make it so? :)

Anyway who are these hayseeds...looks like there is some type of lizard 4" from the food...was there banjo music? Was there line dancing?

Watch out! They are trying to "texify" you and if you are not careful you will be wearing cowboy boots by July. :o


Shaun Taylor said...

Dude, you know it's too hot for cowboy boots in July and I'm all about the flip-flops. Now a 10 gallon cowboy hat, that's what I'm after of course it will have to have built in A/C. ;-)