Nov 22, 2007

T-day ride

T-day ride
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That's right, we are riding and I'm blogging at the same time. ;-)

There are 10 of us on an urban assault of downtown Houston. I started riding at approx 0230hrs looking to get in about four hours of riding, after 90mins I met up with this motley crew at Memorial Park. It was a good laugh for sure - well except for the part where instead of sleeping I decided to just go riding instead. We rode around the urban jungle doing various drops, stairs, balancing acts and multiple rides through red lights, ok, maybe they were yellow just about to turn red, hahaha.

The funniest part for me had to be bumping into a Thanksgiving Day parade getting setup in the wee hours. We are standing next to Massive Turkeys at the moment. I mean really big plastic turkeys, 20' tall. Classic.

Here's a couple more pics from the ride, courtesy of Paul. This one is titled "Standing on the race line - what category are we racing anyway?"

Standing in front of Thanksgiving Day parade

This one makes me laugh. If you look at this image I'm blogging on my iPhone. I'm typing into the phone the stuff you just read 15 seconds ago. This evening (right now) I'm putting up an image that is helping to explain the post that I was typing up this morning - if you can follow that. Weird time machine stuff, dude. ;-)