This should make the blog pretty interesting. ;-)

Edit: So the text above this point was a test to see if I could post directly from my iPhone (using it's onboard camera and email feature) up to this blog. It seems to have worked out pretty well and I plan on doing more of it as an impromptu "real-time effect" sort of thing. Round of applause from the grandparents.

It's a pretty cool feature and what's super cool is once I email my blog the iPhone text and image I can then use the iPhone's Internet browsing feature to go check out the blog to see how it turned out and if needed just do the HTML editing right within Blogger.

Essentially I have a modern day Gutenberg Press in the palm of my hand, publishing word and images to the entire world in the blink of an eye, powerful technology - I like it.


John said...

Before you can do a 24:00 you have to do a few 00.25's :)

Shaun Taylor said...

It's true, now I just have to get Keegan to understand that his electrolyte balance is important while he conquers the sidewalk strip. ;-)