We are at Costco at the moment.

Though I know better I couldn't walk past the coffee sampling station without my perverse sense of curiosity kicking in. The sign said Colombian Supremo, it's their "premium" product line. The guy next to me who was bugging the girl handing out samples kept asking what flavor it was, unfortunately she couldn't say "it's not a flavor, its a country sir".

Unfortunately I couldn't say "this is horrendous" as loud as possible.

I wanted to spit it out but too late I had already swallowed. Keegan was laughing at the faces I was pulling after the taste test.

So this is what people are drinking?

I weep.


John said...

As we look over the cup this picture is proof that even children have sense enough to know not to drink that stuff.

Keegan can't stop laughing at you but the look on Evan's face pretty much says it all.

Shaun Taylor said...

It's true.

Dawn said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, (snicker, chortle!) --Costco Coffee...tee hee...