Dec 24, 2007

Bike shop java

I dropped an email to one of the fellas at Sugar Cycles this morning while I was waiting for the espresso machine to come up to temp. I got a reply back a little later saying they were being slammed with some last minute holiday shoppers. Slammed? That's never fun, so with a spur of the moment decision I decided to pack up my espresso gear into the car and turn into a Fast Reaction Espresso Team.

Not sure why I haven't headed down there with the gear before now, those guys deserve a little espresso love as payback for everything they do for everyone else. Of course, one of the reasons I haven't done it before now might be that the Brewtus II weighs about 60lbs. Adding on the Macap grinder, jars of beans, cups, etc and it was soon 100lbs of travelling coffee-ness.

With the gear setup on a mechanic's workbench I pulled some of the Java Kali Bendo I roasted up three days ago. Not a bad shot as an S.O. espresso. What made it worthwhile was a comment that kinda went like this "I try to drink espresso, I've tried it everywhere, I've never liked it 'cause it's always charcoal - well this is the first espresso I've ever liked". And with that, my job here is done. So does that make me an espresso Santa? Now if only I could figure out how to deliver the same little four ounce lattes all over the world to all the good girls and boys.

Tomorrow you can expect some shredded wrapping paper images. The boys do love their wrapping paper explosions. It should be fun.