Dec 27, 2007

Childrens museum

We spent the afternoon at the Houston Children's Museum. The boys had fun and there was quite a bit to see and do in the Museum. I'm glad we went but I must say I was a bit surprised about the Museum not being bigger. This is the first time where I have scratched my head and wondered "where's the rest of it?" - that doesn't really happen too often in Texas - everything is bigger in Texas.

It's worth going to see but I don't think we will be repeat visitors, particularly when there are so many other things to see around this city.

Speaking of other things to do, when Doreen gets back from her run we are headed off to the Houston Zoo. I wonder how it will compare to Calgary's Zoo? One things for sure, we won't be slogging through Zoo snowdrifts like they are in Calgary. ;-)

We like Texas.


John said...

I think you were actually looking for these 2 places.



I think you will find them both properly "Texas sized".

Shaun Taylor said...

Both on the list for sure, in fact as we left the zoo today we looked at the Natural Science Museum and said that's probably next on the list of cool places to see.

Tell you what, the "Texas sized" grill plate we polished off at Los Gallitos this evening was large - in true Texas fashion. The Charro Bean soup was stellar, you have to try it!