Dec 23, 2007

Chilly ride

This mornings ride was pretty chilly. When I left the house it was 36 degrees - where's that toque?

I met up with a couple of the guys at the bike shop for 0800hrs rolling and we headed out into the wind. It was a nice sunny day, with that fresh crisp air that only lower temperatures can bring. By the time I got back to the house it was a 40 mile ride. The pace was pretty casual which was perfect considering my legs are a bit tired from the week.

As soon as I got back in the house the first thing on the agenda was getting the espresso machine turned on. Up to temp and pull a shot, a 199.5 Fahrenheit espresso shot to be exact.

iPhone latte artCombine said espresso with 2.5 ounces of microfoam and you get this lovely little latte art rosetta. Not the best photo in the world but it was a quick afterthought taken with the iPhone.

John was over and managed to make short work of it. Once the two of us get going on the shots the Macap grinder is kept pretty busy. With Doreen back from groceries more shots were pulled and 1/2 a pound of espresso later my toes had thawed out.

Good ride.

Good espresso.

A good morning.