This is Marcus and Marcus just finished installing DirectTV High Definition.

We haven't had cable/satellite for years. I'm a big fan so far, training indoors on the CompuTrainer was getting pretty keeeerazeeeee watching the same DVD's time and time again. The History channel, Discovery channel, whatever channel will be better than watching that DVD just one more time.

Marcus just installed my new cycling training partner. Yaaaaah!


John said...

That is one fine looking job of mounting your HD plasma screen to the wall.

The least...the very least you could do is invite whoever helped you with that to come over to your house every day and drink coffee in your kitchen.

Not only that you should let them pull shots on your machine from time to time and let them drink 2,3, sometimes even 4 shots a day.

You should also pour them latte art (when the milk is right).

These are a few things I think would be in order for such a fantastic bit of artistry in hanging that TV on the wall.

P.S. If that thing falls off the wall don't come looking for me....what do I know about mounting expensive TV's onto walls anyway? You should have used a pro. But that is only if it falls otherwise we should stick with the above coffee every day thing. :)