Dec 31, 2007


I believe some of the last words spoken by this hard-partying crew were "I'm going to stay up for a year!". The boys did pretty good, managing to make it till 2300hrs on New Years Eve is pretty big at their age.

I remember when New Years Eve used to be a big deal (for me). I've spent it in some pretty odd places and had some crazy times. Now it seems this is the extent of the craziness; George headed to bed early, Doreen and Ruth stayed up to watch a chick-flick past midnight, the boys snored and the big event slipped by quietly and was barely noticed. Last night pales in comparison to the exploits of past New Years activities but life is richer at the moment.

I'm meeting up with a couple of guys for a ride this afternoon. It's a sunny day here and that's always a good thing on a riding day. My legs are pretty tired from all the high-intensity efforts I've been doing recently, so I'm going to take it easy for today.

Well, the espresso machine is on and I have four different single origin roasts and espresso blends to choose from. I like all of them. A good start to the coffee year!


John said...

My celebration of ringing in the new year was spent a lot like the boys in this pic (and George off camera). Only I didn't have snazzy PJ's with the feet sewn in.....lucky dogs. :)

Shaun Taylor said...

I want some of those PJ's as well!