Dec 29, 2007

Pecans for sale

We hopped in the Pilot this afternoon for a road trip to small town Texas.

Destination - Wharton.

With no other reasoning than to go out and see a little pecan company and find a cool little Texas style BBQ. It turns out we are getting both. Stopping in at Bagley's Pecan House isn't exactly a tourists dream, the fella running the warehouse wasn't real chatty but overall it was pretty interesting to see the distribution point for the local area. Bagley's takes in pecans from the regional pecan farmers then sorts and warehouses, then resales to whoever. We paid $3.00lb and we shelled our own. Since shelling your own takes a while we shelled a whopping 1/2lb. While shelling Keegan managed to find some chocolate covered pecans, that kid has a chocolate bloodhound's nose.

At the moment we are at a little park down by the river and then we're heading to Hinze's BBQ Shack in a little while. I had read they smoke with pecan wood and one of the local shop owners has confirmed it is the best. Yum!

Pecan smoked BBQ. You don't find that in too many places.