Here's a quick image I took at the end of the race today. I went down pretty hard about 12 miles into the first lap. First point of contact was my eye socket, once I finished my Superman flying impression. A quick flash of white light, some rapid drops of blood on my arm as I got up on my hands and knees, more blood in my eye and I knew it was gonna be a beauty.

Going through the transition area at the end of lap one and I managed to get someone with a first-aid kit. He didn't think it would need stitches, well not enough to worry about so on went the butterfly patch. The patch didn't stay on too long but it made for a great speed guage - the faster I went the more it would flap. ;-)

I'll post more about the race later, for now, for those that are
curious, I placed fifth overall, missing fourth by one minute.


Andrew said...

That's nice, dude. Good job, though.

Leon's Rocket Car said...

Way to ride it Texas style!!


Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks guys, it was a gooder!