Family bike shotHere's another image from the other day when we were out riding around Oyster Park. Doreen had brought along the Nikon D200 and I set the camera up on a park bench with auto-timer and grabbed this shot. It turned out pretty good, with the fall colors in the background.

Unfortunately, with the need to compress the original image down to a .jpg file and compress it to a point where the image will load reasonably fast in this blogpage, the image just doesn't show the real crispness and quality of the original image that I am looking at right now on my other computer. I'm thinking it's good enough to print and hang on our "photo wall" in the hallway. Guess the only way to see what I'm talking about is to saunter down our living room hallway.

Doreen pounded out a 30km race this morning, right here in Sugar Land, in fact the start line was a 5min jog away. Doreen hasn't been training as much as she did for the Dublin Marathon so she was disappointed in this morning's finish time. I'm proud of her juggling so many things and still toeing the line for a 30K race. Any way you slice it, a 30km run is a good accomplishment, I know I wouldn't want to do it. The Houston Marathon she signed up for just before we left Calgary is now sneaking up on the calendar pretty fast, these things always do when you aren't training to your plan everyday. She's tough, I'm sure the plan will get more attention between now and marathon-day and she'll be more pleased with her results.

I got a pretty good ride in during the afternoon by myself, it was windy on the way out of town and I managed to get some good wattage hits. Coming back into town I decided to take a different route and enjoy the perfect 75 Fahrenheit weather, I got lost in a subdivision with massive loops running through it. I knew I was lost when I started to recognize the same pieces of glass/scrap metal/bolts/nails that were on various parts of the loops. I didn't really care too much where I was as the weather was so nice and riding along listening to the iPod just seemed to be a good deal. A good-vibe ride.

Tonight I'm going to sit down and start plugging into my training plan all the races/events I am doing or thinking of doing for the next 13 months and begin the deconflicting process. With Worlds Solo 24 Hours as an "A" race and possibly a couple of other "A" races, I need to figure out the "B" races and provide enough separation between them all so they are all complimentary to my training plan. Right now Worlds has the priority but there's some interesting looking things out there besides Worlds. With the weather in this part of the world being so good for cycling all year long you could literally race all the time - and that's not smart training. Guess it's time to get a bit smarter about my recent riding patterns and apply a bit more strategy to the smörgåsbord of racing available.